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Common Challenges in HR Heading Into 2022

Managing your organization's Human Resources department is no easy feat, especially when you’re running a small business. HR isn’t just simply hiring new people and creating job descriptions, it’s multifaceted and complex.

Invariably, there will be challenges you’ll need to overcome to improve your business, including common HR issues and challenges including those related to time management, stress levels, learning new skills, managing people effectively, and so on. But navigating these issues doesn’t have to seem overwhelming, let’s explore 3 key ways to help you overcome all of these challenges.

1. The Biggest Challenge in HR: Hiring the Right People

HR professionals are tasked with big responsibilities. Among them is finding the right people to create a strong team. Recruiting top talent is critical to an organization’s success, especially in competitive fields. Beyond performance, companies also look to attract individuals to create a culture of diversity including gender, age, and race. A more diverse company will likely lead to increased success in the long term under a more varied and experienced workforce.

Recruiting top talent also involves seeing new hires as individuals, rather than a faceless name occupying a spot on the team. Personalization and offering opportunities for team members to get to know one another fosters familiarity. When employees are made to feel valued, retention remains high and allows HR professionals to better manage employee development.

2. Build a Great Culture and Protect It by Serving Your Staff

Organizations that create a great work culture do so by taking into account the needs of their staff. As workers face increased stress levels, creating a healthy work/life balance is a top priority when developing your company’s culture. A recent Gallup poll found that 23 percent of employees reported feeling burned out often, or always, with 44 percent indicating they've felt burnout sometimes.

These problems in HR can lead to productivity decline, morale drop, increased absenteeism, and a decrease in retention. Suggested ways to create a healthier work/life balance may include offering more manageable workloads, lending ongoing support to employees, implementing flexible scheduling and strong leadership at the helm.

3. Work Hard, Work Smart, and Be More Productive With Your Team

Although the business of HR is complex, and the challenges of HR managers can seem overwhelming at times, addressing common HR issues at the outset is important. Adapting to change is a strong first step in managing some of the complexities associated with running a successful outfit. Supporting your team’s abilities to improve their skillset also lends itself to embracing change and improving.

As a result, communication is one of the strongest building blocks for meeting the ever-evolving needs of any business. Communication paves the way for developing strong leaders; fostering a culture of ongoing learning; creating a quality employee experience and ultimately laying the groundwork for overcoming common HR issues that arise.

Not to be overlooked are the health and safety standards HR must comply with, which are not only governed by labor laws but also factor significantly into the importance of the employees' wellbeing. Beyond simply hygiene and safety, the psychological wellbeing of your company’s workforce is a priority. Managing expectations, avoiding undue stress, and implementing an open-door policy for discussing anxiety, work hours and unfair expectations is a key component of effectively performing the duties of an HR professional. Building a resilient workforce begins by training managers in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to assist in recognizing the virtues of a healthy mindset.


HR is changing and ever-evolving. You can keep up by learning about your employee’s needs, tracking employee data, and communicating the right information to the right people. Happy staff that is well served will become part of your culture and help you attract candidates that fit that culture in the future.

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