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Three Hiring Challenges That Prevent You From Attracting Top Talent and How To Solve Them

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

The term "talent shortage" is synonymous with today's workforce climate, which may also reflect a company's reality with its hiring efforts. Below, HR Service Partners will outline three main challenges hiring managers face when searching for that right fit in 2022.

Attracting the Right Candidate

It can be frustrating to find quality talent amongst a pool of less-skilled candidates who are ready to fill the role. Employers are now seeing unemployment rates decline across industries as we deal with COVID, creating a job-seekers market.

The result? Millions of job seekers are not getting hired despite the market.

2021 saw more workers leave their jobs to pursue other opportunities and explore interests. Millennials, in particular, ventured to pursue professional endeavors with optimal work-life balance, company culture, and flexibility.

A solution? Make the hiring process count through transparency.

Create a great first impression with your candidates by offering up-to-date and detailed descriptions of roles with competitive pay rates. Accurate job descriptions are crucial for the employee and applicant as it is the best indicator of their fit.

As we have also seen in 2021, candidates need to get a feel for their prospective team from the beginning. Introduce top talent to any team members they will work with daily and provide a sense of what a typical day in that role involves.

By establishing a method of transparency, hiring managers and applicants can avoid confusion associated with the position's requirements.

Lack of Branding

The lack of a consistent and robust social media presence is another challenge employers face and further adds to their hiring woes. In an era driven by the digital landscape, companies in all industries need to generate recognition through the power of social media platforms.

Through a consistent social presence, your company can effectively showcase its:

  • Culture

  • Benefits

  • Expectations of positions

Additionally, applicants rely on researching companies through their reviews to determine whether they'll pursue a future job opportunity. Negative feedback, lack of a social media footprint, and even outdated information uploaded to a website are enough to deter a candidate in 2022.

Build your company's brand by engaging assets already on hand. Ask employees to strengthen your online presence by leaving reviews that reflect your organization's culture and mission.

Communication During the Hiring Process (Emphasize It!)

Looking for a new position is a tedious and stressful process for anyone. Seeking out new opportunities coupled with meeting new people can seem daunting for first-time job seekers and those who may have been off the market for some time. Qualified candidates will likely engage several employers before deciding on the right one.

A simple (yet effective) way for a company to stand out is by keeping communication channels open, providing an opportunity for candidates to be aware and informed about their status throughout the hiring process.

Remember: use the hiring process as a cornerstone for building strong relationships with future employees.

How Staffing Solutions Helps You Overcome These Challenges

Staffing Solutions helps companies find the right talent to weed out the wrong candidates. By empowering companies, we make the process easier for employers.

How does Staffing Solutions make that process easier? Staffing Solutions will help your business fill positions as it thrives on assisting employers in identifying their cultural strengths and effectively marketing them to the workforce.

Staffing Solutions works with your brand to create a plan that showcases the parts of your organization a candidate does not get to see through the traditional hiring process. From there, we utilize our network and applicant tracking system to help your business quickly attract the right fit for any position.

Staffing Solutions offers reduced rates to clients by segmenting out service levels that represent more than a 50% reduction in recruiting costs compared to the market standard rates of 15-25% of a median salary.


The hiring process has changed yet again for 2022. By working with Staffing Solutions, your organization will spend less time marketing its brand and weeding through applications and more time doing what matters most.


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