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Staffing Solutions | Is It Time To Stop THC Testing?

The job market is already in chaos. Many applicants still feel as if they need to jump through hoops just to apply for desired positions. To no surprise, this is a leading reason why employers miss out on great candidates.

The Great Resignation has not been easy to navigate, as employers still struggle to attract quality talent. With labor shortages at an all-time high, companies across the country are starting to restructure internal processes, and a big one on the chopping block is required THC testing.


Employers are starting to see that rejecting candidates for a positive drug test may not be in their best interest.

The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act (MORE)

For a second time, the U.S House of Representatives has approved the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act (MORE), a law that would decriminalize cannabis use at a 220-204 vote. The bill will now move onto the Senate, where a final decision will be made. The bill focuses on ending the federal cannabis ban and allows states to decide its legalization.

Since 2020, the massive demands for talent have created difficult circumstances where businesses are struggling to get people to apply. In some instances, those who apply and go on to interview then decline the offer once notified that a cannabis screening is contingent on hiring.

An article by BBC explored this "ghosting" phenomenon further, "28% of workers said that they'd ghosted an employer – compared to 19% two years before. The phenomenon seems to be happening at all stages of the recruitment process."

Typically, as you go further down the recruitment process, it is less likely that a candidate will ghost you. But, what if you conceal up until the offer letter that they must undergo a drug screening for THC to be hired?

Would it be unprofessional of them to "ghost" you, or would you be in the wrong for waiting until this part of the recruitment? In either scenario, the company loses money.


Change is here to stay. Companies will adapt and grow or simply fizzle out as we continue forward.

Would leaving off THC testing on drug tests be beneficial during the Great Resignation?

Do YOU think your industry would benefit from this?

Let us know your thoughts.


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