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What Does It Mean to Be a PEO in 2021?

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

PEOs provide unique and extremely useful resources to small and midsized businesses. Typically, these services involve includes HR, payroll, and benefits services.

Large companies like ADP and Paychex can be considered the largest national PEO brands, and their approaches to customer services and the number of resources available make them two of the best choices.

However, in 2021, providing stellar services and resources may not be enough. We have all experienced financial or business impacts as a result of COVID-19. 43.8% of small business owners reported the pandemic having a “moderate negative effect” on their business.

Luckily, PEO clients fared much better during the pandemic, as small businesses that are PEO clients are 82% more likely to have business operations back to normal, or better according to NAPEO.

In 2021, being a PEO means you are a partner with your clients. Not in the sense that you have sway over their business decisions, but that you and your team understand and genuinely care for the goals and needs of that client.

What does that mean?

It means facilitating each of your organization’s resources to enhance your clients' and employees’ job performance and stability.

By working toward building your clients and their businesses through your services, resources, and expertise, your organization is prepared to meet the needs and demands of a PEO in 2021.

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