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Mid-year Look at the PEO Industry

As a PEO client, you understand the impact of this business model and have direct access to the services these organizations provide.

While 2021 has brought new innovations in the world of PEOs, the industry and its clients as a whole have seen positive trends throughout the pandemic.

The National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO) held its annual conference last week in San Antonio, which allowed PEOs and professionals from across the country to come together and collaborate to enhance their organizations.

NAPEO also recently released their White Papers, PEO Clients in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Follow-Up Analysis, which analyzes how PEOs and their clients have fared during COVID-19.

  • Are 58% less likely to have permanently closed.

  • Are 32% percent less likely to have seen a negative overall effect on business from the pandemic.

  • Are 82% more likely to have business operations back to normal, or better.

  • Have had employment grow by 6% since early 2020 (compared to a 1% decline for comparable small businesses).

  • Have a rate of employment growth over the last 6 months that is 81% higher.

  • Are 18% more likely to have had their 2020 PPP loans forgiven.

  • Are 71% more likely to have received PPP loans in 2021.


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