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Got Benefits? Here's What to Know About Your Company Benefits

At HR Service Partners, we are proud to offer employees a wide range of benefits, from health and dental insurance to educational opportunities. Aside from those, there are options for mental, physical, and financial wellness programs through our offered plans. With the start of 2022 and the new perks available for employees, it's time for an update on your company benefits!

Telephonic Employee Assistance

Employee access to assistance for personal issues is an essential aspect of your company's benefits plans. Providing the resources needed for employees to resolve challenges outside the workplace offers employees the tools needed to thrive both in the office and at home.

Through our Telephonic Employee Assistance, employees gain assistance for the following:

  • Manage Stress

  • Counseling Services

  • Caregiver Support

  • Tax Hotline

Financial Wellness

Employee financial wellness programs are available to help employees gain control of their finances to reduce financial worries now and in the future. In many instances, financial wellness can be a catalyst to reduce money-related stress and improve personal budgeting habits. Financial Wellness benefits include:

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness programs have become a staple of the overall wellness programs for many companies. A robust physical wellness program signals a company's commitment to ensuring employees are given the resources to live healthy lives. HR Service Partners offers employees the following as part of its Physical Wellness program:

Gold's Gym

(Please visit to determine if a participating Gold's Gym is near you).

Level 1 Access - $25.00 + Tax (Up to 4 Family Add-Ons)

  • Access to all corporate locations

  • Fitness Profile

Level 3 Access - $35.00 + Tax (Up to 4 Family Add-Ons)

  • Access to all corporate locations

  • Fitness ProfileGroup Exercise classes – Includes the Gold's Studio

Unexpected Life Events

Preparing for unexpected circumstances offers the opportunity to mitigate stress-related to adverse, life-altering changes. Pre-emptive steps offer employees a measure of comfort during some of life's most challenging moments. Unexpected Life Events benefits offer assistance including:

  • Grief Counseling

  • Funeral Planning / Assistance

  • Will Prep Services


Whether you are starting a new job or looking to update your current benefit elections, staying up-to-date with your organization's offered perks and packages helps you enjoy your position and take advantage of what it provides. If you have any questions regarding your benefits at HR Service Partners, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team by emailing



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